We are the Colour Group. We enjoy looking at natural real-life colour prints. We don’t have pretentions or niches. We don’t care how the prints are made – digital, film or mono converted into vibrant, or even faded, colour.

We meet monthly, usually on the last Wednesday of the month, at 8pm in the Lounge of the Drake Hall (the room on the left next to the entrance).

Why? Well, it’s the best place to just get some impartial feedback on your colour prints.

We welcome members of all standards and abilities. Tell us the story behind the image. We won’t sit in judgement, we don’t give scores, we view your colour prints on the society’s daylight illuminated print easel and digest what we are seeing. Maybe we’ll gasp in amazement and tell you why we like it so much or we’ll offer some helpful advice on how to make it even better.

It’s an open forum; feedback from everyone is gratefully received.

Come and give us a try. It’s free with your membership of Amersham Photographic Society. It’ll be a good night out.

I’m John Caton, I’ll see you there.

John has recently handed leadership of the Colour Group to Rod Darrah.

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