The Colour Group – Is a small, friendly, informal group where we enjoy seeing, discussing and celebrating our colour pictures.

  • Each member submits up to three pictures (any genre) which are shown and the author talks about them.
  • We then chat about the picture expressing both appreciation and often questions on where and how.
  • Some authors will ask for feedback to help understand strengths and weaknesses and potential improvements.

It is a fun, enjoyable evening. To quote members;

  •  “Its spending the evening with a group of interesting, enjoyable friends and seeing wonderful images”
  • “Great way to understand and improve my work”
  • “We always have a great evening”

Less experienced members have said it is a friendly place to get feedback and take the first steps to be ready for competition.

Experienced members have improved work for external international exhibitions.

Some members come just to watch and enjoy.

“So something for all and it’s fun – please join us”

Best wishes
Laurie Turner

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