The purpose of the outings is to take out our cameras with like-minded people.  It’s very informal, fun and a great way to socialise with other members of the club.  Any club member is welcome.

We generally set off from Amersham, with a few meeting points usually arranged during the day.  The day of the week on which we make trips will vary according to the venue, e.g. some markets are only open at weekends. The trips are always varied and we try to organise something for everyone.  Any type of camera will do, although long lenses in crowds can be a bit hazardous!
Any hazards specific to a particular outing will be mentioned at the start of the trip by the outing leader. Participants will be advised to take care and have responsibility for their own health and safety.

Non APS members are not covered by the club’s insurance policy.

Outing dates will be posted in the Programme on the club website. If you would like to join us, please email the Outings Secretary on the “Contact us” page.

Memorable images from the trips, for inclusion in the Flickr albums, should be sent to the Outings Secretary.  Images to conform with all the PDI competition requirements (JPEG; sRGB; Max 1600px w by 1200px h; Filename format ‘IMAGE TITLE by Your Name.jpg’)

Click on the link below to see our images from all of the past outings.
All our Outing Images
Photo sets of all the shoots will appear in a new browser window hosted by Flickr, not Amersham Photographic Society.  Registering with Flickr for an account makes viewing easier – it’s free.

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