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Each year APS members have the opportunity to enter images into monthly internal competitions; 5 print competions and 5 projected digital image (PDI) competions. In addition, at the end of the year, there is a ‘Finals’ competition for both prints and PDI. Please note that only fully paid up members of Amersham Photographic Society may enter any of its competitions.

Classes of Author

There are three classes of author: General, Intermediate and Advanced.

New members should inform the competition secretaries of any RPS or PAGB awards or successes in external competitions and exhibitions to ensure that they start in an appropriate class. In the absence of such evidence they will normally begin in the General class. Promotion will be agreed annually by the committee on the recommendation of the competition secretaries.


The rules for entering the APS internal competitions can be found below on this page.

Results – Current Season (2017~2018)


Prints 2017-18
Projected Digital Images 2017-18


Results – Previous Seasons


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Prints & PDI
Finals results
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APS Internal Competition Rules and Guidance

The Amersham Photographic Society internal competition rules can be downloaded from here.


General Competition Rules

There are separate competitions for prints and projected digital images (PDI).

As a guiding principle members are encouraged to further their photographic skill and
ability, and to produce new images for competitions. Thus

  • No image may be used more than once in an internal APS competition in the same
    season unless it is being entered into the Print of the Year/PDI of the Year
  • The decision of the print or PDI secretary is final when deciding if an image is similar
    to a previous entry from an author.
  • An image may be entered into a competition in the following season in a different


Judges will be asked to mark competition entries in the range 12 to 20 inclusive. They will be asked to select a First, Second and Third placed entry, together with any entries to be Highly Commended. There is no limit on the number of images awarded “20”.


Copyright must be vested in the author but a print may be professionally processed.


In each of the Print and PDI competitions, the following trophies are awarded.

  • General class best of league medal
  • General class best of year medal (Finals winner)
  • Intermediate class best of league medal
  • Intermediate class best of year medal (Finals winner)
  • Advanced class best of league medal
  • Advanced class best of year medal (Finals winner)
  • Image of the year medal (Finals all classes)

Print-Specific Rules and Guidance

There shall be a print competition each year, comprising five rounds starting from the 2016-17 season. A maximum of nine prints can be entered by a member into the print competition. Total marks (minus one low score) over the season will be used to determine the winner, runner up, etc, in each class.

The first print competition of the season will be ONE print per member from all three classes. In subsequent competitions members can enter ONE or TWO prints. Print competitions will run on the following basis (see APS website calendar for specific dates):

Comp 1: General / Intermediate / Advanced (break tbd)
Comp 2: Intermediate / break / Advanced
Comp 3: General / break / Intermediate
Comp 4: General / break / Advanced
Comp 5: Intermediate / break / Advanced
Comp 6: General / break / Intermediate
Comp 7: General / break / Advanced

Print tile, author’s name and print number should be sent, preferably by email, to the Print Secretary by midnight on the Friday preceding each Monday competition night (printsec@amershamphotosoc.com).

All prints must have a unique identifying corner, available from the Print Secretary at the start of each season.

Print Details

Prints must be on a stiff mount and not less than 224cm2 and of a maximum size of 40x50cm.
The print title and author’s name must be on the back in black ink and block capitals. It is often difficult to read titles in the dark and so a label printed in font size 18 points is ideal. If the orientation is questionable “Top” should also be written on the back.

Please bear in mind the requirements for prints submitted to the Annual Exhibition at the end of the season. Currently, this is exactly 40x50cm and using off-white mountboard.

Mounting prints

The following documents describe a number of methods for mounting your prints that you may be useful.

John Harrison’s ‘Mounting Prints’
Paul Mitchell’s ‘Conservation Mounting’
Ted Kinsey’s method

Projected Digital Image-Specific Rules and Guidance

There shall be a PDI competition each year, comprising five rounds.
A member may enter one or two images into a round of a competition.
Thus a maximum of 10 images can be entered by a member into the PDI competition. The marks from the 8 highest scoring images will be used to determine the winner, runner up, etc, in each class.

There is also a PDI Final in which each author may submit two images that have been in a PDI competition during the season. The judge will pick the best image from each class and the PDI of the Year.

Entries must be submitted no later than the Friday before the competition, preferably by e-mail attachment but also on CD, DVD or flash memory stick delivered to the competition secretary. E-mailed images should be mailed to pdi@amershamphotosoc.com

For comprehensive help with preparing your images see the following documents.

Please note the following documents are out of date with regards the new image sizes introduced for the 2015-2016 season. They will be updated as soon as possible.

Please note the following requirements for PDI files

These rules were updated for the 2015-16 season onwards

  • Images for projection must be in JPEG format (maximum quality), with maximum dimensions 1600 pixels wide x 1200 pixels high.
    Note that if a square format is used, the maximum size will therefore be 1200 x 1200 pixels.
    The most common submission error is getting the sizes the wrong way round (a 1600 high by 1200 wide image is not acceptable)
  • For predictable colours from our projector it is necessary for the image to be in the sRGB colour space.
  • Filenames must be in the following format:
    IMAGE TITLE by Your Name.jpg … for example … ANOTHER STUNNING LANDSCAPE by Roger Longdin.jpg
    The use of the image name in upper case and the ‘by’ in lower case letters is essential because the competition software uses this to automatically recognise the title and authors name.
  • Please use the same name in all submissions during a season (or let us know if you are going to change the name you use.)
  • Please avoid special characters in filenames as this confuses the software. In particular, ! ? * ‘ can cause problems. If you want a name to be displayed using these characters, please include the desired name in the mail to the competition secretaries.

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