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Results – 2019~2020 Season

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Results – Previous Seasons

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APS Internal Competition Rules and Guidance:

The Amersham Photographic Society internal competition rules can be downloaded from here.

Further Guidance:
Prints – Please bear in mind the requirements for prints submitted to the Annual Exhibition at the end of the season. Currently, this is exactly 40x50cm and using off-white mountboard.
Mounting prints – The following documents describe a number of methods for mounting your prints that you may find useful.

Further Guidance:
For comprehensive help with preparing your PDIs, see the following documents
(All updated September 2018):


  • Images for projection must be in JPEG format (maximum quality), with maximum dimensions 1600 pixels wide x 1200 pixels high.Note that if a square format is used, the maximum size will therefore be 1200 x 1200 pixels.The most common submission error is getting the sizes the wrong way round (a 1600 high by 1200 wide image is not acceptable)
  • For predictable colours from our projector, it is necessary for the image to be in the sRGB colour space.
  • Please use the same name in all submissions during a season (or let us know if you are going to change the name you use.)
  • Please avoid special characters in filenames as this confuses the software. In particular, ! ? * ‘ can cause problems.   If you want a name to be displayed using these characters, please include the desired name in the mail to the competition secretaries.

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